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Strategies for the Future














There are 18 regional libraries in Poland. As part of the project there will be 18 new development strategies. In Norway, there are also 18 regional libraries which play a similar role as Polish regional libraries. Some of these libraries are our partners in this project.

The project focuses on institutional exchange as well as good practices exchange of cultural management and strategy development by Polish and Norwegian institutions connected to the library system.  

The following activities will be developed  as part of the project:

1.  A series of four workshops, each three days long, regarding development of strategies for cultural institutions - representatives of public voivodeship libraries, of three regional libraries from Norway and of key institutions in the implementation of built strategies will all take part in those workshops.

2. On-line consultations – all workshop participants will be able to consult via blog and forum with Polish and Norwegian experts including the Association of Polish Librarians and The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority. Consultations will last for 12 months from the beginning of works on strategies through their implementation.

3. Work visit in Norway – the aim of the visit is to expose representatives of voivodeship libraries to Norwegian libraries’ methods of strategy implementation. During the visits to libraries and other cultural places, meetings with their managers and many other activities, the participants will get to know different methods of needs assessment and the creation, promotion and evaluation of attractive cultural offers.

4. A course book of strategic planning for cultural institutions – 4000 copies of the course book will be prepared by Malopolski Instytut Kultury (Malopolski Institute of Culture); the course book will contain a detailed description – step be step – of the process of strategy development and examples of innovative activities run by libraries in Poland and Norway.

5. A conference summing up the project – a conference will be organized for the project’s participants, representatives of the most important cultural institutions, central and regional authorities and media. It will be a occasion to present strategies of the public voivodeship libraries and the course book of strategic planning.

The partners of Information Society Development Foundation who collaborate in this project are:


Project "Libraries in Knowledge Society - Strategies for the Future" is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.