„Strategies for Culture. Culture for Development”

A publication “Strategies for Culture. Culture for Development” is now available in English version. The publication is a compilation of texts  focused on strategic management in institutions of culture, the importance of culture in development, a role of a leader in culture, and directions in which culture evolves.
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"Strategies for Culture. Culture for Development"

Our project at the conference summing up realisation of Cultural Exchange Fund

The conference summing up five years of Cultural Exchange Fund’s activities took place on October 26th, 2010 in Warsaw. The project Libraries in Knowledge Society- Strategies for the Future was one of four projects presented during the conference.

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Photos from our first workshop

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Why do we need a strategy?

What kind of challenges do regional libraries and the library environment face? What is the legal framework of their work? When does the law support changes in libraries and when does it limit them? Why does an institution need a strategy? What’s participative management? What’s the future of libraries in Poland? How do the strategies of library development interweave with national strategic thinking? These and other questions were discussed by participants, guests and experts of the project “Libraries in the knowledge society - Strategies for the future”.

The first workshop, organized as part of the project, finished on Friday, March 12th. Representatives of regional libraries in Norway, employees of ABM-utviklig and of the Malopolska Institute of Culture were also present. The workshop was held in the spacious interiors of the University of Warsaw Library located in Powisle.

The meeting was the official inauguration of the project. Still, it was important for the organizers to start some concrete work – especially designing strategic frameworks for regional libraries. Therefore, some distinguished guests, such as Mr. Tomasz Makowski, Director of the National Library, Prof. Wojciech Cellary from the Univeristy of Economics in Poznan, Ms. Zina Jamroszuk , Director of the Department of State Patronage at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Mr Ryszard Stocki from National-Louis Univeristy (Wyższa Szkołs Biznesu), were invited to share their experiences and expertise.